Marine Generators Mase IS 9.1

It is an electric marine generator which is an engine that is installed in every room of the ship in order to provide stable electric current, from ships, sailboats, yachts, boats, etc. have their own generator, but some low-level marine vehicles do not have this product.

The Mase IS 9.1 marine generator is a product brought to us by an online selling site for products, supplements, accessories and marine parts called Boats Online, which brings us a diverse catalog of marine generators for us to choose from, among which the aforementioned generator improves among others on various features.

Marine Generators are usually installed in places where they are protected from wet and rainy environment, preferably under the deck specifically next to the engine of the marine vehicle, as its installation is in great shape, easier to acquire fuel, in addition, they count on the ideal conditions for the installation of the generator.

Mase IS 9.1 marine generator has a sophisticated design as compact, adapting amazingly to any space where it can be installed in the engine room of a marine vehicle, this generator also has a control panel along with a soundproof box, this means no sound in any aluminum material, with voltages from one hundred fifteen to two hundred thirty volts and eight point six kilowatt net power.

Features of the Mase IS 9.1 marine generator.

Some of the features of this remarkable generator:

It has a 50 Hz alternator.

It has a cooling intercooler w/o.

The voltage is one hundred fifteen to two hundred thirty volts.

The maximum output is 8.6 kilowatts.

It has a continuous output of 7.8 kilowatts.

It has an A-V model 10 to 12 volt charger.

The engine model is a 50 Hz, Kubota D722.

It contains three cylinders.

The cylinders are made of high quality cast iron.

The diameter is sixty-seven millimeters.

With a stroke of sixty-eight millimeters.

With an electric starter.

The head is made of aluminium.

With centrifugal mechanical speed regulator.

With forced lubrication.

It uses an electric fuel pump.

It consumes fuel when fully loaded.

It weighs one hundred and eighty-five pounds.

These are some of the features of the Mase IS 9.1 large marine generator that certainly make it one of the best options if you want to buy a generator for a marine vehicle.

In conclusion, marine generators are a product of extreme necessity for our marine vehicles either boats, yachts, boats, including, reach to always have a stable electric current, but especially in the absence of noise, because it is very annoying how unpleasant generator noise, here is where the marine generator is shown as one of the best generators with high quality soundproofing box and with a price really affordable to the public.

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